The Forgiving Universe     

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Inspiring Speaking - Sunil Bhaskaran

Speaking Topic:  A Forgiving Universe:
Creating Concrete Possibility Despite the Challenges

Intended Audience:
  • At any level of success, looking at attaining the next level of success
  • Ages: young adults and up: I don't exclude anybody
  • Personal Development seekers who demand  invigorating truth & compassion
  • People wishing completion on difficult circumstances in the present or the past.

What the Audience Will Get
  • Step by step -  How to Create Success even with Obstacles or Lack of Clarity
  • Creating a path to their next plateau of success
  • The importance & relevance of self directed choices &  self expression
  • Excitement, Insight or at least the start of Resolution

My Speaking Style
  • Highly interactive
  • Humorous and Engaging while being Respectful
  • Compassionate and Straight
  • Practical Tools

Approximate Agenda  (NOTE: This may change due to the nature of the event or audience)
  • Introduction to the Steps to Creating Possibility
  • Explanation of each step with readings from the book
  • Questions and Answer with me
  • A summary of the tools that & pertinent and appropriate follow up

Speaking Time:
  • Negotiable : 1.5 hour at least preferable:
  • Audiences tend to want more even after 1.5 hours

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